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PMA is an acronym for “Parts Manufacturer Approval”. PMA is a combined design and production approval for modification and replacement parts. It allows a manufacturer to produce and sell these parts for installation on type certificated products. The FAA approves materials, processes, appliances and other parts by other means like a Technical Standards Order (TSO) or in conjunction with a type certificate. FAA Order 8110.42 provides details of the approval process. When the FAA authorizes a company to manufacture, a PMA a “PMA Supplement” is given. SwisTurbine’s PMA Supplements can be obtained by contacting us at

FAA-PMA components are equal if not superior, to their OEM equivalents.


Every year, more businesses in the aerospace industry discover the benefits of buying FAA-PMA components. The continuous rise in usage of PMA parts is not only on a national level, but global as well. The use of PMA outside the USA subject to the terms contained in bilateral agreements between the FAA and other international aviation authorities. You can learn more about bilateral agreements by visiting the FAA website.

PMAs can be obtained by one of three approval methods: identicality, license and test and computation. SwisTurbine almost exclusively uses the Test and Computation method.

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